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Psychologist Dr Ute Liersch

Psychologist in London
119 Newington Causeway, London
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Cognitive Dissonance: Your Narcissist's Secret Weapon:"I don't know why you are surprised; he's always been like this!"

This statement encapsulates others' perceptions of your life with your Narcissist. A statement you often encounter post-fallout. Those who were on the outside saw his abusive b...

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How to Spot Your Partner is a Narcissist:

A beautiful young man staring lovingly at his reflection in the water is the romanticised idea in the myth of Narcissus. One that is profoundly wrong and dangerously misleading.

There is no romance in the relationship with your Narcissists. The heavenly...

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Navigating Gaslighting: The First Step in Rebuilding Trust in Yourself

Selecting the term "gaslighting" to articulate the actual experience is a bad choice to describe it. Although the movie portrayed the concept effectively, the term itself can be challenging for people to grasp at first. Let's...

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Reclaiming Yourself: Surviving a Narcissistic Breakup with a Malignant Narcissist

Breaking free from a relationship with a malignant narcissist is a tumultuous journey marked by emotional challenges, manipulative tactics, and often, a deliberate effort to destroy you to conceal their own failing...

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a year ago
an amazing therapist and so good at what she does. ute helped me progress massively in my recovery, and i recommend her to anyone who seeks a straightforward but kind approach to therapy
- keira -
a year ago
She's very good in her methods. Highly recommend.
- Husnain A

Background and Approach

I am Dr Ute Liersch, an HCPC-accredited Counselling Psychologist, a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society and a Lecturer at the University of London. I have worked in the NHS, charities, specialised hospitals, private clinics, and private practices. Being bilingual, I offer therapy in both languages: English and German.

People work with me when they feel "stuck" in their distress, despite trying to fix themselves and working with various other therapies and treatments.

Here is how a client experienced therapy with me: "It is difficult to express just how invaluable Dr Ute has been for my development. When we began therapy, I was feeling extremely low and anxious, and throughout the past eight months, she has provided me with tools to not only feel better but also stronger and more kind and compassionate with myself. She has the ability to interpret how best to provide therapy depending on what has been going on in my life. Most of all, her injection of humour provides an opportunity to shed light on what can sometimes feel like only darkness. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

My clients experience low mood, anxiety, sleep difficulties and general stress. Many live with chronic illnesses and pain, disordered personalities, trauma, abuse, disordered eating, and ADHD. My clients face life-changing difficulties such as grief and loss, work issues, breakdown of relationships and life-crisis.

A client described it: "When I was at my lowest and in some very frightening situations, Ute was there as a moment of focus and calm during a tornado of awful. She helped me realise how serious my situation was and the implications of continuing what I was doing. She helped me see that the time really had come for me to genuinely pause my habits of destruction and horror and be kind enough to allow myself the time to heal. She assisted me in giving myself the space for self-kindness and reflection. She took no prisoners; there was no room for nonsense. She gave it to me straight, honestly and lovingly. I felt held in intelligence, safety and genuine care."

As my client, you receive your own tailored therapy, personalised to your needs as they arise at the moment. You will work with a therapist who is an expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, CBT, Mindfulness-based therapies, EMDR and existential psychotherapy. Personalised audio recordings for relaxation, meditation and behavioural change training are part of your therapeutic journey. To work with me, I ask you to bring three things to our therapeutic journey: courage, curiosity and compassion.

My clients reflect on this therapeutic work: "Dr Ute has helped me in a life-changing way through her highly professional, sympathetic and compassionate manner. She has a wonderful way of encouraging me to dig deep and has helped me find a number of methods which help me find peace and calmness within me. My experience with Ute has been truly life-changing, and I have been able to get to know myself much better and, most importantly, change how I see and treat myself. She has made me a stronger person, and I cannot thank her enough for all her support."

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